TinyRPG for Apple Watch

Release: 2021

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An Apple Watch showing TinyRPG

TinyRPG is a RJRPG: a retro-japanese-style-role-playing game that motivates you to stay active in real life.

In this turn-based adventure you’ll explore a huge magical world, collecting and training a team of crazy dino characters. You can level up by gaining experience points and loot in battles. Move, stand and exercise in real life to strengthen your in-game team!

This game is specifically designed for Apple Watch, enabling gameplay coming from your daily activities.


Calling all dino’s, sport-fanatics and gamers!

Join us in our quest to get people moving! Share a video with us of your daily activity or work-out routine and receive an exclusive reward in TinyRPG*!

Make and share a close-up and a wide-shot of your daily 'work-out' routine! Are you really exercising or is your activity 'lazy lounging playing your favourite game'?

Make sure your footage is HD quality or above. Submit your footage by sending a link** to workout@tiny-rpg.com. Check out our how-to video for more information: https://youtu.be/7cEVgdDQFcQ

Please share this message with your friends and help us create an awesome workout video-trailer!

* In order to receive the exclusive character you must own an AppleWatch.
** Use Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Microsoft One-Drive, iCloud or DropBox.

Announcing the BETA date!

Alert to all would-be dino-adventurers! TinyRPG will go into BETA starting 22th September 2020! All subscribers will receive an e-mail from TEST-Flight (Apple's Beta-testing platform) with an invitation to download the BETA version of the game. BETA testers must own an AppleWatch and have a valid AppleID in order to play the game.

If you're interested in testing too, use the button (above) to subscribe!


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